Co-Founder & CFO: Deshraj Lall

Deshraj Lall has been trading for the past 3 years of his life. Started fresh out of high school, it was an endeavor that his peers never supported. However, he saw it for what it was. A way to make his life better; freeing himself financially.

It took Deshraj 3 full years, 1,095 days. To master the technical analysis skills necessary, as well as the economic analysis skill. It was an endeavor that affected him both mentally and financially. It broke him down to a point where he was willing to give up on his dream. However with the support from myself Devanand Das, Founder & CEO of Das-Consolidated. We pulled it together and persevered through.

Deshraj is on the team to guide and educate you, every step through the way to becoming successful through training your mind as well as your emotions to learn, EVERY fundamentals necessary to becoming a successful trader.

The course provides 1,095 days worth of hard work and dedication that will TEACH you. He would like to emphasize that he is here to HELP you. Upon completion of the course, Deshraj is there for guidance, so that you will become the best you.

A quote from him is: “It’s okay to dream big because life is just a DREAM.”
We get one shot to do our best & make an impact. JOIN him in being in the 3% that controls 100% of their income.

Upper-level educational institute (Private Business High School) Graduate.

Finance & Economics Major.

Well versed in 4 different martial arts styles: Karate, Aikido, Muy Thai & Wing Chun.

Youth Advocate.

Public Speaker.

18-year-old CFO/Co-Owner.