As an affiliate, for every individual that purchases the Ace of Trade course using your personal affiliate link; they will receive a 5% discount & you will receive a commission. 10 - 35%, based on your commission level as an Affiliate. The commission level breaks down as follows in the picture.

You will start at 10% commission upon registration and for every 10 customers that you source, your commission will be upped 5% & maxed at 35%.

How does it work?
1. Share media content from our IG Page, FB Page, Youtube PG, Website on your personal or business social media pages promoting the content. With a phrase saying “DM $ to learn” or something like that.
2. When individuals DM you with an interest, direct them to the course using your affiliates link. Emphasizing their 5% discount once using your specific link. *Course is only $151
3. When they make their payment, it will be processed & they will have access to the course. They become my next Ace Trader.
4. Your commission payments will be made at the end of the month via PayPal.
5. Commission levels will be assessed and applied on a monthly basis.

As of now, the course is $151.00 However, the Ace of Trade Course will increase as more value is added throughout time. That only means that your commission payout as an Affiliate will also be higher in relation to the increased base price.
In addition, as a loyal business partner, when I raise the course price, I will not be resetting your commission levels, but rather roll them over when that time has come. WIN, WIN, WIN for everyone! 

We are only offering 10 Affiliate links Free with no sign-up charge, so please email us with Affiliates on the Subject Line as soon as possible. Once 10 Affiliates are registered, new affiliates will have to pay a one-time registration fee of $250.00 before becoming a registered Affiliate. Business cards & Marketing materials are also available upon request.

Thank you for your interest in being a Das Consolidated Affiliate.